The Hotel Association of Portugal (AHP) and the Social Centre for Promotion “Maria Mãe da Igreja” sign a collaboration agreement to promote solidarity and sustainability

Lisbon, Portugal – The “Associação Hoteleira de Portugal” (AHP, the Hotel Association of Portugal) and the “Centro Social de Promocão Maria Mãe da Igreja” (CSPMMI) recently formalised a strategic partnership aimed at promoting solidarity and environmental sustainability. The collaboration agreement between the two organisations aims to strengthen ties between the hotel industry and the community, while at the same time promoting sustainable practices in hotel waste management.

AHP, a non-profit association with a national scope, has the main objective of favouring understanding and solidarity among its member companies, while also promoting recognition of the importance of tourism in society. With this in mind, the AHP has developed the HOSPES Programme, which is based on a collaborative and circular network, promoting the hotel industry’s commitment to the community and the planet.

The HOSPES Programme is based on two pillars: Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability. In the first pillar, AHP and its members undertake to donate goods and equipment in good condition to charitable organisations. Mattresses, blankets, towels, cushions and pieces of furniture are some examples of these goods that will be reintroduced into the social economy.

In addition, the programme seeks to promote inclusive employment, integrating people in precarious economic situations, the unemployed and refugees into AHP member hotels. Through partnerships with institutions working in these areas, the AHP seeks to contribute to the social and economic inclusion of these people.

In the second pillar, the HOSPES Programme encourages the adoption of good practices in the collection, treatment and recycling of waste generated by hotels. Through the principles of reuse, reduction and recycling, the AHP and its members seek to minimise the environmental impact of hotel activity.

As part of the growth of the HOSPES Programme, the AHP has developed a digital platform that allows members to register their offers of goods, as well as register their interest and then collect these donations from partner institutions.

CSPMMI, recognised as a Private Social Solidarity Institution, has as its main objectives the promotion of Christian charity, culture, education and community and social integration, in accordance with the values of the Gospel. The Institution runs the Jose Engling Spirituality Centre, which offers a physical space for meetings and accommodation for families, young people and other groups.

By signing this collaboration agreement and publicising it, CSPMMI wants to increase awareness of the protocol established with AHP and promote joint actions that benefit the community and the environment.

The partnership between the AHP and the CSPMMI represents an important step towards strengthening ties between the hotel industry and charitable organisations, promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the hotel sector. Both organisations hope that this collaboration will inspire other companies and institutions to adopt similar practices, contributing to a more supportive and sustainable world.